Sunday, December 14, 2008

Dr. Zakir Naik Lectures and Books

Quran and Science - Conflict or Reconciliation In this audio lecture Dr. Zakir Naik Proves with references from Holy Quran and other religious books e.g. Bible that Holy Quran is not unscientific. He further says that Holy Quran is not here to teach science but to reveal to show us and tell us about the models of Allah i.e His creation.

Book 3


Concept of God in major religions In this book he explains that in each religious book it is stated that God is Only ONE, and he proves it also.

Focus on Islam A book to all muslims to focus on Islam, practice the obligations of their religion and its priciples.

Is Holy Quran God's Word I
Is Holy Quran God's Word II In this book he proves how Holy Quran is the God's Word

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Islamic ebooks

Islamic Books available for download

Amazing Quran

A book of Authentic Ahadith

sahih e bukhari

English Translation of Holy Quran

Holy Quran Traslated By Pikhtal

Genral Knowledge From The Holy Quran


40 Hadith Qudsi


General Islamic Downloads

99 Names of Allah
Names of Muhammad (PBUH)

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